Death Star Pieces
The left DS piece measures 12" square and 1" thick and also comes from the Jedi Death Star.  Like the smaller piece (right), it is molded completely of the same color and texture foam.  A bit more beat-up than its smaller counterpart, it nonetheless shows good detail and a representation of an X-wing on it's surface.  It is believed that when creating the molds for these pieces ILM model-makes used what they had lying around...hence an X-wing body-piece.

close up of x-wing fragment (think droid socket) from the larger death star piece

The right DS piece is a 6" square piece of the Return of the Jedi Death Star.  ILM cast several of these from a few different molds and laid them out on the floor and walls for filming scenes over the surface of the Death Star.  Like other ROTJ DS pieces, this piece is molded completely of styrofoam but shows an extra amount of detail.  The thickness is approx 3/4" and the color of the foam is an off orange/tan.  The surface of the back is a wavy-pattern. It is particularly interesting in that if you look closely, you can see a representation of the larger square (left) in the second-from-right section of the surface.  It is my opinion that all of the detail of the 6" piece is actually a representation of larger squares.  These pieces, discarded in the Marin County Dump, were acquired from a fellow in CA along with several other movie props.

Description by: Andrew McGinley
Photo: Andrew McGinley
From the collection of: Andrew McGinley
Country:United States
Film:Return of the Jedi
Licensee:Lucasfilm, Ltd.
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