Luke Ceremonial Jacket
This is one killer costume piece! It is the actual jacket that was worn by Mark Hamill in the ceremony scene in the original Star Wars: A New Hope. There are very few original Star Wars props and costumes in private collectors' hands, and even fewer costumes used by the lead actors.

A little known fact about this jacket is that similar jackets were used for the Walrusman and Greedo costumes. The Walrusman costume uses an orange version of this jacket, while Greedo's shirt is made from a version of this jacket with a modified collar and the zipper removed from the front. If you look at a photo of Greedo, you'll see the same ribbing on the sleeves. Also, the jackets worn by the snowspeeder and X-Wing pilots in Empire Strikes Back are the same style as this Luke Ceremony jacket (with a modified collar). By the way, who is that lucky guy wearing this prized collectible for the photo?

This is clearly one of the most significant Star Wars costume pieces to ever reach the public.

Description by: Gus Lopez
Photo: Greg Hanson
From the collection of: Greg Hanson
Country:United States
Film:A New Hope
Licensee:Lucasfilm, Ltd.
Category:Movie Production Pieces / Costumes


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