Power of the Force 3-Pack (Klaatu, One Man Sail Skiff, Klaatu Skiff)
The 1985 POTF era was not widely recognized in Germany. The last figures were not available on POTF cards, but on Tri-logo cards just as the rest of Europe. Though the term Power of the Force did appear in German translation. Parker, the distributor of the Kenner toys in Germany, sold toys in Die Kraft der Macht package in 1985 for a special price. Only ROTJ figures/toys were sold in this package, supposedly to eliminate excess stock. I know of three different types of these packages. One set had a Tatooine theme and came with a boxed One-Man Sail Skiff and the two different Klaatu figures. The Endor set came with a Speederbike, Biker Scout, and Chief Chirpa. The final was a set of Ewoks. These Ewoks are on ROTJ cards, wrapped with the Die Kraft der Macht cardboard package. Other carded figures were sold in a similar package. Die Kraft der Macht sets are really hard to find, even here in Germany. There are not many collectors here that even know that these exist.
Description by: Wolfgang Schloegl
Photo: Wolfgang Schloegl
From the collection of: Wolfgang Schloegl
Film:Power of the Force
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Small Action Figures (Licensed)


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