Empire Strikes Back 47-Back 4-LOM
This is one of the rarest carded production figures from the US Kenner Star Wars line: it's a 4-LOM figure on Empire Strikes Back card with no offer. 4-LOM is possibly the rarest figure on ESB card and the examples that do show up are almost always on ESB 48c Backs which picture the Admiral Ackbar mail away offer on the front. Until recently, it was thought that all US ESB 4-LOMs were issued on 48-backs, but this carded figure demonstrates that 4-LOM was available on an ESB 47-back card.

In addition to be the debut card for 4-LOM during the Empire Strikes Back series, this card offers a complete shot of the action figure photo that is obstructed by the regular 48-back variety.

Description by: Gus Lopez
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of: Gus Lopez
Country:United States
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Small Action Figures (Licensed)


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