1978 Toltoys Product Catalog
The first Australian catalog covering Star Wars items. Some items shown are concept prototypes that varied from the production toys.

  • Front Cover (Full Size)
  • Page 32 (Full Size) - Action Figures
  • Page 33 (Full Size) - Vehicles
  • Page 34 (Full Size) - Prototype Laser Rifle and Blaster Pistol
  • Page 35 (Full Size) - Board Game and Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Page 36 (Full Size) - Play Doh, Electronic Game, Projector
  • Page 37 (Full Size) - Masks, Bop Bag, Radio Controlled Artoo, Plush
  • Page 38 (Full Size) - Painting Book, Poster Art and Electric Toothbrush

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    Page 32
    The Luke and Leia 12" figures shown are prototypes with both sporting heads from other toy lines. The clothes and accessories are also different from the final product.

    Of particular interest here are the Double Telescoping (DT) lightsabers exhibited by Ben Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Ben's cape is also a very dark brown color and the arm holes appear to be cut much wider than the final version.

    It is very obvious that the Death Squad Commander is in a very early mock up stage and is likely a Fisher Price person that has been heavily resculpted. The Tusken Raider figure is in a similar stage of advancement and looks nothing like the final figure. It is also noteworthy that he is referred to in this 1978 catalog as the Tusken Raider yet his card back refers to him as Sand People until the change to the Return of the Jedi card. Lastly, though it is almost impossible to identify, the Jawa is another early stage prototype. At this stage the figure should have been sporting the infamous vinyl cape but is instead clothed in a dark brown robe similar to what it would be clothed in later down the track. The shadow on the ground seems to indicate that the blaster is likely a cut down version of Chewbacca's bowcaster.

    Page 33
    The Landspeeder is a prototype vehicle and appears to be longer than the final product with differences including no hood pop-up button, no seats, different colored and detailed interior, the addition of a molded piece on the hood, highly detailed paint job, no apparent hinge on the hood.

    The three Die Cast vehicles shown are all in the very early prototype stages and the differences are obvious.

    The X-Wing Fighter and TIE Fighter both are in the very early stages of development and differ significantly from the final product.

    Page 34
    Laser Rifle and Laser Pistol prototypes

    Page 35
    Escape from the Death Star Board Game and Toltoys Jigsaw Puzzles

    Page 36
    Play Doh Action Playset, Electronic Space Race Game and Give-A-Show Projector

    Page 37
    Masks, Bop Bag (with the hilarious description 'Not just for bopping, Artoo Deetoo is for loving'), Radio Controlled Artoo, Plush characters

    Page 38
    Painting Book, Poster Art and Electric Toothbrush

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