1985 Consumer Promotions
This catalog outlines many promotions and makes some announcements about Star Wars being on television and back in the theatres. No Star Wars toys are shown.

NOTE: Due to the design of the spine I am unable to scan in the pages without damaging the catalog. Sorry.

  • Front Cover (Full Size)
  • Back Cover (Full Size / Half Size)
  • Page 1 (Full Size / Half Size) - Star Wars Trilogy back in the theatres
  • Page 2 (Full Size / Half Size) - Return of the Jedi and Coca-Cola tie-in
  • Page 3 (Full Size / Half Size) - New Ewok movie on ABC
  • Page 4 (Full Size / Half Size) - Ewoks cartoons on ABC
  • Page 5 (Full Size / Half Size) - Droids cartoons on ABC
  • Page 6 (Full Size / Half Size) - Planetary Maps inside specially marked toys
  • Page 7 (Full Size / Half Size) - Ewok comic books
  • Description by: Chris Georgoulias
    Photo: Chris Georgoulias
    From the collection of: Chris Georgoulias
    Country:United States
    Film:Power of the Force
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