1983 Number 1 in Fun!
This supplement mainly served to show off the new preschool line titled "Wicket the Ewok". This new look was cutesy and cartoonish in order to appeal to their very young customers. Or at least to their parents. :^)

  • Front Cover (Full Size)
  • Back Cover (Full Size / Half Size)
  • Page 1 (Full Size / Half Size) - Wicket the Ewok introduction
  • Page 2 (Full Size / Half Size) - Ewok Play-Doh Playset
  • Page 3 (Full Size / Half Size) - Ewok Coloring Books
  • Page 4 (Full Size / Half Size) - Wicket the Ewok Give-a-Show Projector, Wicket the Ewok Sit-n-Spin
  • Page 5 (Full Size / Half Size) - Plush Ewoks and Woklings
  • Page 6 (Full Size / Half Size) - Jabba the Hutt Action Playset
  • Description by: Chris Georgoulias
    Photo: Chris Georgoulias
    From the collection of: Chris Georgoulias
    Country:United States
    Film:Return of the Jedi
    Category:Catalogs / Retailer


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