1982 Consumer Promotions Catalogue
This catalog shows various promotional gimmicks aimed at the customers. Most were rebates or mail-in offers. The Nien Numb one is interesting due to the photo shown for the figure. The Glamour Gals stand is just one example of Kennner's reuse of old tooling for new toys.

  • Front Cover (Full Size)
  • Back Cover (Full Size / Half Size) - $1 rebate (showing Slave I toy)
  • Page 1 (Full Size / Half Size) - Star Wars figure Display Arena
  • Page 2 (Full Size / Half Size) - 4-LOM figure mail-in offer
  • Page 3 (Full Size / Half Size) - "Build Your Armies" micro figure mail-in offer
  • Page 4 (Full Size / Half Size) - "Revenge of the Jedi" figure offer (generic silhouette but it's for Nien Nunb)
  • Page 5 (Full Size / Half Size) - Glamour Gals fashion stand offer (reworked original Star Wars stand)
  • Description by: Chris Georgoulias
    Photo: Chris Georgoulias
    From the collection of: Chris Georgoulias
    Country:United States
    Film:Empire Strikes Back
    Category:Catalogs / Retailer


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