1979 Department Store Program
A supplement showcasing the "Special Offer" (Yellow Sticker) marked packaging. These special toys were created in order to give Kenner's biggest customers, the department stores, a promotion that was unavailable elsewhere.

  • Front Cover (Full Size)
  • Back Cover (Full Size / Half Size) - Diecast Vehicles
  • Page 1 (Full Size / Half Size) - Give-a-Show Projector, Darth Vader TIE Fighter
  • Page 2 (Full Size / Half Size) - Action Figure Display Stand
  • Page 3 (Full Size / Half Size) - Action Figure 3 Packs (Hero Set, Android Set)
  • Page 4 (Full Size / Half Size) - Action Figure 3 Packs (Villain Set, Creature Set)

  • Description by: Chris Georgoulias
    Photo: Chris Georgoulias
    From the collection of: Chris Georgoulias
    Country:United States
    Film:A New Hope
    Category:Catalogs / Retailer


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