Bagatelle Pinball Game
This Italian pinball game has some of the most striking graphics of any vintage toy. The game is pretty simple--its made of flimsy red plastic and has manually operated plastic flippers--but its very colorful and it makes for an interesting display piece.

This item was first brought to the attention of most by Star Wars collecting superstar, Steve Sansweet, who featured it prominently in his book From Concept, to Screen, to Collectible; but I've never seen another example that was boxed like this one is. The box is pretty scanty, being a shallow green cardboard thing with the heading "Baby Flippers" and some graphics on its back. As you can see, the back advertises some of the other variations of this game offered by the company, including "racing" and "safari" versions.

According to Todd, at least two variations exist with respect to the molded plastic details of the game's casing. Additionally, this item might have been available in other European countries aside from Italy.

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Todd Chamberlain
From the collection of: Todd Chamberlain
Film:A New Hope
Licensee:Baby Flippers
Category:Games / Electronic


Checklist by Duncan Jenkins, Gus Lopez, and the Star Wars collecting community
Software by Chris Nichols

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