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Crawling, climbing, flying-- MINI-RIGS go almost anywhere! New CAP-2 (CAPTIVATOR) is used by spies of the Empire to capture Rebel prisoners. The rotating legs are fitted with suction cups that stick to smooth surfaces--it can even hide under tables! Its rotating arms feaure a claw and hook to carry Action Figures and to capture unsuspecting Rebels-- CAP-2 has remotely operated spring-loaded claws Devilish!

Image Source:
1985 European POTF Catalog
Description Source:
1982 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog

Released in 1982 along with the INT-4, the CAP-2 (short for "captivator") was yet another weird looking mini-rig. It was also the personal vehicle of Bossk, the single greatest iguana bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy. With this vehicle on his side, Bossk could ravage the galaxy, picking up Rebels such as the unfortunate Rebel Commander depicted on the vehicle's box, and delivering them to Darth Vader, Jabba the Hutt or some other evil Star Wars maniac. Unfortunately, the CAP-2 couldn't solve Bossk's greatest professional problem, his inability to bend his long scaly iguana-arms.

I kind of like the CAP-2. It's got a cool mechanical vibe to it, and its aesthetic seems derived from sci-fi films and literature of the earlier 20th century. I also like the fact that it's Bossk's personal vehicle. It's just incredibly unfortunate that Kenner never made their planned-but-never-released Ugnaught car.

A few different versions of the CAP-2 box can be found. The most significant is a "Special Offer" issue that bears a yellow sticker on its reverse and comes with a free figure. The figure, of course, is Bossk. An ESB edition was also issued with a printed $1.00 rebate offer. Then, in 1983, it was re-issued in a Return of the Jedi box.

First Issued: 1982 (ESB packaging)
Re-issues: 1982 (ESB packaging, with Special Offer sticker and Bossk); 1982 (ESB packaging, with $1 printed rebate); 1983 (ROTJ packaging)

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of: Ron Salvatore
Country:United States
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Vehicles


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