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We made it to Endor, but we'll have to look out for Speeder Bikes (5) chasing Rebels on land. Meanwhile, battles are raging in space. A Y-Wing Fighter (6), with R2-D2 in his compartment, shoots its laser cannons. He's chasing one of the Empire's Tie Interceptors (7). His lasers are blasting, but his wings are ejecting. The Rebels got him! More Rebels approach in B-Wing fighters (8) that have a gyro-gravity effect in the cockpit. The craft spins, but the pilot stays upright as he speeds on to beat the Empire! The Emperor, the evil leader, arrives in the Imperial Shuttle. What's next? It's up to you from now on!

Imperial Shuttle has laser sounds, open side panels. Automatic wings. Unassem. Needs 2 "AA" batt., sold below.
49N59152 7 lbs...37.99

Source: 1984 Sears Wish Book

One of the largest and most expensive of Kenner's Star Wars toys, the Imperial Shuttle was also one of the best designed. It came with a nifty action feature, which allowed the two wings to be lowered slowly when a trigger on the underside handle was activated. Loose and boxed, the toy fetches a high price on today's collectors market. Unused boxed examples fetch a hefty premium. Although it was shown in Kenner's 1985 Toy Fair catalog in a mock-up Power of the Force box, it was never released in non-ROTJ packaging.

First Issued: 1984 (ROTJ packaging)
Re-issues: None

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of: Ron Salvatore
Country:United States
Film:Return of the Jedi
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Vehicles


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