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IT'S THE REBEL TRANSPORT. Climb aboard for adventure! Holds up to 24 figures (not incl.)in all. Rotating laser cannon holds 1 figure and can be removed to be played with alone. Secret escape hatch, too. Also includes 4 asteroid gas masks and 5 Hoth backpacks. 3 1/4"Lx6 1/2"Wx6 1/2"D. Plastic. Deliv. sep. Ages 4 and up.
N57 T 3952T--(3 lbs)...29.98

Source: 1982 Speigel Christmas Catalog

Sometimes referred to as "that weird pickle ship," the Rebel Transport was not much more than a glorified carrying case. Grossly out of scale vis-a-vis the vehicle seen in The Empire Strikes Back, the toy's roof removed to reveal a score of compartments meant to aid in "transporting" your figures from place to place. It also included a cannon mount, which could be taken out of the toy, as well as 4 gas masks and 5 backpacks, identical to those included in Kenner's Survival Kit mail-away.

The Rebel Transport was issued in two different boxes, one with a yellow photo background and another with a blue background. It isn't too easily found in great condition, either loose or packaged, but it's never been very popular with collectors.

First Issued: 1982 (ESB packaging, with yellow background)
Re-issues: 1982 (ESB packaging, with blue background)

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of: Ron Salvatore
Country:United States
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Vehicles


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