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New IG-88 (15"), a rough and steely Bounty Hunter Doid, gets his prey with his LASER WEAPONS. DARTH VADER (15") carries his LIGHT SABER ready for attack, dressed in authentically detailed black armor and removable cape. BEN (OBI-WAN) KENOBI (12") carries a LIGHT SABER and has a removable cape. BOBA FETT (13 1/4") carries a LASER RIFLE and has a molded backpack. STORMTROOPER (12") carries a LASER RIFLE and wears a white and black space suit. CHEWBACCA (15") carries a crossbow LASER RIFLE. LUKE SKYWALKER (11 3/4") carries a LIGHT SABER and a grappling hook. C-3PO (12") is finished in bright metallic gold. R2-D2 (7 1/2") rolls on wheels from his stationary legs; his silver metallic head makes a "clicking" sound when turned, and a special button opens his secret compartment. JAWA (8 1/4") comes with a hooded cape and carries a LASER RIFLE. HAN SOLO (12") comes with his own LASER RIFLE and holster with Rebel Alliance Medal of Honor around his neck. PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA (11 1/2") has hair that can be combed into other styles or reshaped into the "Star Puffs" hairdo. All large action figures are fully articulated for action poses. Ages 5 and up.

Image Source: 1980 Kenner Pre-Toy Fair Catalog
Description Source: 1980 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog

The large size Han Solo figure has what has to be my all-time favorite sculpting of Harrison Ford's visage. It doesn't look exactly like him, but it captures much of his character while also managing to generalize the actual in a way that a toy should...if you know what I mean. Most other toy representations of the actor have ended up looking like caricatures with over-exaggerated features, including the early Kenner 33/4" figures and the later 12" efforts by Hasbro. The outfit on this figure is also quite nice, capturing the look of Han in the first film rather well.

Loose or boxed, the large size Han is one of the tougher pieces in the line to locate in nice condition. And, Han paraphenalia being popular, unused examples in their original boxes tend to fetch top prices. In 1983, Kenner re-used the body and head of this figure for their 12" rendition of Indiana Jones. The head of the Indy figure differs from its forerunner in that its hair is lighter and its eyes are blue. (The eyes of the Han doll are brown.) Collectors in search of loose examples of the Han doll should keep this in mind, as sellers often confuse the two figures. (For more information on Star Wars toys that were recycled into other lines, click here.)

First Issued: 1979 (SW packaging)
Re-issues: None

Parts List
1 blaster
1 pair black rubber boots
1 black "leather" vest
1 white shirt
1 pair black pants
1 black rubber belt with holster
1 gold plastic medal with red ribbon

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of: Ron Salvatore
Country:United States
Film:A New Hope
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Large Size Action Figures


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