ESB Foam-Core Logo Mock-Up

This display is a hand made, 2 piece cut and paste Empire Strikes Back logo measuring 15 7/8" long x 9 5/8" tall, mounted on 3/16" foam core.

The original white on black Star Wars logo and border was detailed with an airbrush using grey and dark olive drab tints to achieve a steel bar effect. The two reflective gleams in the border were also made with an airbrush while the light streaks streaking outward from the center were hand painted using white paint and a fine brush.

After a copy of the original artwork was made, it was mounted to 3/16" foam core and trimmed to form the basic shape of the logo.

The Empire Strikes Back logo is actually knock-out type; black ink was printed on a red-orange adhesive-backed piece of mylar-like material, cut, and then centered and pasted onto the logo. Finally, an x-acto knife was used to neatly trim the logo after it was applied to the foam core to get a clean and tight fit.

The source through which this piece was obtained claimed that it was used at the 1980 Toy Fair to promote Kenner's new ESB action figures and toys. This would explain the velcro tabs affixed to the back of the display that would have been used to attach it to a wall.

Description by: Rob Johnson
Photo: Rob Johnson
From the collection of: Rob Johnson
Country:United States
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Category:Store Displays / Toy


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