41 Action Figure Hanger - 'Collect All 41' (Style A)

This display is the original version of the ESB-41 hanger used to promote the second series of action figures released in Kenner's Empire Strikes Back line. Measuring 13" wide x 14" tall, it features the phrase "Collect All 41 Action Figures" in yellow and red text against a black background beneath an Empire Strikes Back logo.

This display makes a unique and interesting use of a rendered chrome boarder found on no other ESB logo to date. It features solid black "reflective" swirls against the solid white background of the border which produces a shiny, crisp, reflective appearance - much sharper than the soft airbrushed steel bar effect we are all familiar with. Used very shortly, this display was quickly replaced with the second version depicting actual photos (rendered) of all 41 action figures.

Description by: Rob Johnson
Photo: Rob Johnson
From the collection of: Rob Johnson
Country:United States
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Category:Store Displays / Toy


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