Star Wars is Here Folding Sign

This display is a bit of a question mark. Was it actually released? Where does it fit in amongst the other Kenner store displays? Is it a very early piece or was it developed at a slightly later date? These questions are hard to answer. However, one thing is certain: this is definitely a rare item-- only three or so have been heard of in collectors circles.

Its also interesting to note that Star Wars action figure super-collector John Kellerman owns a prototype display piece that is, for the most part, a cut-down, slightly modified version of this "Star Wars is Here" display (it can be seen here). It has sometimes been suggested that this display is a prototype as well. But there isn't really enough evidence at this point to make that claim.

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Daren Murrer
From the collection of: Jim Baumgart
Country:United States
Film:A New Hope
Category:Store Displays / Toy


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