Ewoks Chituhr Unproduced Figure
No, this is not an unproduced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! It is, however, the only known carded example in the world to surface of the unproduced Ewok Chituhr. This action figure was planned for production release, but due to lagging sales of the toy line Kenner decided to cancel its second series of figures for their Ewok action figure line.

This action figure was probably an internal Kenner sample. The figure itself is a hand painted hardcopy made out of polyurethane, meaning it is from a stage somewhat earlier in the production process than the first shots that exist of this figure. Due to the weight of the hardcopy stress has been put on the blister bubble. Due to this stress and the glue drying the blister bubble has begun to break away somewhat from the card as can be seen by this side photograph below.

Like other hardcopies this figure is held together by pins, and can be disassembled. In addition, since hardcopies come from the early part of the figure making process this figure lacks both its peg holes and copyright information. One interesting note is that on the bottom of this hardcopy's feet is handwritten the figure's name Chituhr.

The blister bubble in which the figure is placed in is sealed to the card using both glue and double sided tape. The coin attached to the card is also an unproduced prototype. This is the coin as it would have finally looked like had the figure been released. Other prototype examples exist of this coin, some of which are silver in color.

The card back is one-sided, without graphics on its back, and appears to be a sample. This carded sample is the only fully-packaged example of this figure to have surfaced. Visually, it's simply incredible, but it's even more amazing that the piece remains intact today, years after being cancelled from production.

Description by: Gus Lopez, Robert Musco
Photo: Gus Lopez, Robert Musco
From the collection of: Gus Lopez, Robert Musco
Country:United States
Film:Ewoks Cartoon
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