/ Shorts and Short Sets
A New Hope
   United States
 Liberty Trouser
___ Shorts (Brown With SW Characters)
___ Shorts (Navy Blue With SW Characters)
___ Shorts (Royal Blue With SW Characters)
Return of the Jedi
   United States
 Sales Corporation of America
___ Gym Shorts (Navy Blue With White ROTJ Logo)
___ ROTJ Logo Grey Gym Shorts
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ Black SW Logo on Grey Shorts
___ SW Logo Hot Pants (Shorts)
___ SW Logo on Yellow & Blue Plaid Shorts
   United States
___ Red & Black Short Set (Shirt--R2/3PO with metal doors, shorts--R2/3PO with footprints)
Phantom Menace
   United States
___ Black Shorts With Large Glittery SW Logo/Blue Burst
___ Black Shorts With Small Glittery SW Logo/Blue Burst
 Kids Headquarters
___ Knit Jersey & shorts (Navy with Grey sleeves & shorts. Square patches of C-3PO, Pit Droid, & R2-D2)
___ Knit Jersey & Shorts (Red with navy sleeves &shorts, Embroidered Anakin Pod Torso)
___ Knit Navy Polo Shirt & Grey shorts (Embroidered yellow 'Naboo Starfighters' On Breast & Schematics)
___ Knit Navy Polo Shirt & Tan Shorts (Embroidered frog on breast/Patch of Jar Jar Peaking Around Side)
___ Knit Short Set (Red Top With Full Darth Maul--Back Hand Up & Double Saber In Front)
___ Knit Short Set (White Top--'Pit Droids' written several times, multi-colored embroidered Pit Droids)
___ Short Set (Black Baseball Jersey. Rt side--Vertical name in Red & white. Lt Side--Maul Torso Patch)
___ Short Set (Black Top With Stars. Obi-Wan, Darth Maul, Qui-Gon All Shown to Knees with Lightsabers)
___ Short Set (Black top--space battle. TFD shooting Naboo Starfighter, other ships, stars, explosions)
___ Short Set (Blue with R2-D2 Art. Plain grey shorts)
___ Short Set (Blue. Top--'Jedi vs Sith' at top, Art of Qui-Gon, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Fighting)
___ Short Set (Blue/Grey. C-3PO Torso With Name in blue, white, & yellow)
___ Short Set (Grey top With Anakin Racing Torso & Pod, 'Mos Espa Arena Podracing on Tatooine')
___ Short Set (Grey top With Darth Maul to thighs. Lightsaber Ignited. Name in red)
___ Short Set (Navy top. R2-D2/C-3PO, White SW Logo with Red Outline, plain grey shorts)
___ Short Set (Red Football Jersey, Maul Eyes With Black 'Darth' At Top & 'Maul' at Bottom)
___ Short Set (Top--Circles of yellow/turquoise/orange. Smiling Jar Jar Art, Vertical Name)
___ Short Set (Top--Navy/Royal Circuitry Background & Pit Droids On Front and Back)
Attack of the Clones
   United States
 Kids Headquarters
___ 1/2 Anakin face, 1/2 Vader face, split by saber, Anakin name at bottom Black Shirt Grey Shorts Set
___ Clone Trooper Art & Name Red With Black Short Set
___ Jango Fett In Front Of Clones Grey With Blue Tank Top/Short Set
___ R2-D2 & C-3PO 'Droids' Red With Black Short Set
___ R2-D2 Dome Over Name Yellow With Blue Tank Top/Short Set
___ Shorts, Black mesh with red stripe on side, White SW logo at bottom of one leg, red background
___ Yoda Art & Duel Silhouette Over Name Yellow With Black Short Set
___ Yoda Art (Various Poses) Over Name Blue With Black Tank Top/Short Set
Revenge of the Sith
   United States
 Kids Headquarters
___ Anakin Blue Photo With Lightsaber White Tank Top With Navy Blue Trim & Shorts
___ Cartoony R2-D2/C-3PO 'It's Against My Programing To Behave' Blue Tank Top With Yellow Trim & Shorts
___ Cartoony Yoda 'Size Matters Not' White Tank Top With Navy Blue Trim & Shorts
___ Darth Vader Art With Lightsaber 'Sith Lord Vader' Red Tank Top With Black Trim & Shorts
___ Darth Vader Helmet Over Name, Duel, & Lava Black Tank Top With Yellow Trim & Shorts
___ Darth Vader Torso Photo With Lightsaber 'Sith Lord Vader' Red Tank Top With Black Trim & Shorts
___ Yoda Photo With Lightsaber Raised In Circle Over Name White Tank Top With Blue Trim & Shorts

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