/ Employee Items
Non Film Specific
___ Miro Meccano playing card deck
___ Miro Meccano sticky notes memo cube
A New Hope
   United States
___  Kenner Star Wars Pen
___ Goony Bird Toy Demonstrator Button
___ Kenner (May the Force Be With You) Button
___ Kenner 1978 Sales Mug
___ Kenner Junior Achievement Message Center
___ Kenner Vinyl 3-Ring Binder
___ Lionel 1977 Seasons Greetings Box Car
Empire Strikes Back
   United States
___ "Bootlegal" Lightsaber
___ 1982 Toy Fair Breakfast Giveaway - Plastic Base
___ 1982 Toy Fair Breakfast Giveaway - Wood Base
___ Kenner 10 Year Employment Service Gift: Cup
___ Kenner 10 Year Employment Service Gift: Tie Pin
___ Kenner 15 Year Employment Service Gift: Goblet
___ Kenner 25 Year Employment Service Gift: Tankard
___ Kenner 5 Year Employment Service Gift: Vase
___ Kenner Internal Tankards
___ Kenner Junior Achievement Wall Clock
___ Kenner Logo Red Hat
___ Kenner Penholder
___ Kenner Sh#t Happens II T-Shirt
___ Kenner Sh#t Happens T-Shirt
___ Kenner Vinyl Folder with ESB Logo
___ Micro Collection 1982 Kenner Engineering Award
___ Micro Collection 4-Up Presentation Piece - Kenner Internal
___ Micro Collection 4-Up Presentation Piece - Lucasfilm
Return of the Jedi
   United States
___ Kenner (Thank you for Bearing with us in '83) Plaque
___ Kenner Business Card Holder/Luggage Tag
___ Kenner Star Wars Convention Button
___ Kenner Strawberry Shortcake Mug
Droids Cartoon
   United States
___ Kenner Sales Award 1986
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
   United States
___ Hasbro 'To Hell with Mattel' Button
___ Kenner 1947-2000 Memorial Cap
___ Kenner 1998 Social Club Cup
___ Kenner Golf League Runner-Up Trophy
___ Kenner Terminator Mug

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