Movie Production Pieces
          / Special Effects Models
A New Hope
   United States
 Industrial Light and Magic
___ X-Wing Engine Prop
 Lucasfilm, Ltd.
___ ANH Death Star Piece
___ Death Star Gun Turret Model
___ Death Star Surface
___ Death Star Surface Pieces
___ Small Death Star surface
___ The Death Star
___ X-Wing Fighter Special Effects Model
Empire Strikes Back
   United States
 Lucasfilm, Ltd.
___ AT-AT ILM Model
___ AT-AT Model
___ Empire Strikes Back Asteroid Prop
___ Han Hoth Jacket Miniature
___ Rebel Transport Hold-Out Matte from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi
___ Slug Teeth Special Effects Miniatures
___ Snowspeeder Model
Return of the Jedi
   United Kingdom
 Lucasfilm, Ltd.
___ Jabba's Tail
   United States
 Industrial Light and Magic
___ Return of the Jedi Death Star Brass Etching Construction Panels
 Lucasfilm, Ltd.
___ Death Star Pieces
___ Death Star Section Fan Club Award
___ Fly Creature Model
___ Leia Poncho Special Effects Miniature
___ Luke Endor Animatics Action Figure
___ Return of the Jedi Death Star Surface
___ ROTJ Death Star Piece
___ Speeder Bike Model
___ X-Wing Model
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
   United States
 Industrial Light and Magic
___ Star Tours StarSpeeder miniature
Revenge of the Sith
   United States
 Industrial Light and Magic
___ Droideka Leg Prop
___ Kashyyyk Building Strut

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