/ Radio-Controlled
A New Hope
___ Cobot
 Kenner Canada
___ Radio Controlled R2-D2
___ Radio Controlled R2-D2
___ Radio Controlled R2-D2 (C1P8 Radiocomandato)
___ Disc Firing R2-D2
   United Kingdom
___ Radio Controlled R2-D2
   United States
___ Radio Controlled R2-D2
___ Special Offer Radio Control R2-D2
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ Remote Control Millennium Falcon
___ Remote Control R2-D2
   United Kingdom
___ Radio Control Darth Vader
   United States
___ Radio Controlled Imperial Speeder Bike With Biker Scout
___ Radio Controlled Imperial Speeder Bike With Luke Endor
___ Radio Controlled R2-D2 (Green Box, Blue Inserts)
___ Radio Controlled R2-D2 (Green Box, Yellow Inserts)
Phantom Menace
   United States
___ Remote Controlled Electronic Fambaa
Revenge of the Sith
___ Remote Control R2-D2 (Weathered) with Lightsaber Remote
___ Remote Control R2-D2 with Lightsaver Remote
___ Remote Control R2-Q5 with Lightsaber Remote
___ Remote Control R2-X2 with Lightsaber Remote
___ Remote Control R4-P17 with Lightsaber Remote
___ Remote Control R5-D4 with Lightsaber Remote

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