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A New Hope
   United States
___ I Saw Star Wars At Mann's Chinese Theatre - 3.75x15in.
___ I Saw Star Wars At The Avco Cinema - 3.75x15in.
___ I Saw Star Wars at the Plitt Century Plaza - 3.75x15in.
___ Wookie's Need Love Too Bumper Sticker (Version 1)
___ Wookie's Need Love Too Bumper Sticker (Version 2)
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
   United States
 Code 3 Collectibles
___ If You Can Read This, My Hyperdrive is Broken
 Creation Conventions
___ SW 10th Anniversary Logo Gold foil bumper sticker
___ Laser Reflective Darth Vader Scene bumper sticker
___ #2 of 7 Astromech Droid On Board Bumper Sticker
___ #4 of 7 Hutt Shipping Ltd--Wide Load Bumper Sticker
___ #5 of 7 Use Of Sith May Damage Health Bumper Sticker
___ #6 of 7 Mandalorian For Hire Bumper Sticker
___ Emperor's Hammer (Black With White) Bumper Sticker
___ Emperor's Hammer (White With Black) Bumper Sticker

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