Greeting Cards
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A New Hope
   United States
 Drawing Board
___ C-3PO & R2-D2 Art (To Son On Valentine's Day) Valentine Card
___ C-3PO With Heart (Valentine Greetings) Valentine Card
___ Chewbacca With Heart (To You On Valentine's Day) Valentine Card
___ Darth Vader Art (Space Bulletin For Grandson) Valentine Card
___ R2-D2 Surrounded By Hearts (A Valentine Message For You) Valentine Card
Return of the Jedi
   United States
 Drawing Board
___ Darth Vader Box Valentine Cards 32-Pack
___ R2-D2 & C-3PO Box Valentine Cards 32-Pack
Wicket the Ewok
   United States
 Drawing Board
___ Ewoks Box Valentine Cards 32-Pack
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
   United States
___ Darth Vader (Valentine, There's A Disturbance In The Force) Valentines Card
___ R2-D2 (Nephew--Beep! Whirr! Whistle!) Valentines Card
 Paper Magic Group
___ Deluxe Valentines (NO "Over 80 Pieces" Circle)
___ Deluxe Valentines (With "Over 80 Pieces" Circle)
___ Flashy Foil Valentines 34pk
___ Holo-foil Valentines 32pk
___ Holographic Stand-Up Valentines 30 Pack
___ Stand-Up Valentines 30pk
___ Valentines 30pk (Grey Box)
___ Valentines Kit 40pk (Window On Back Of Box)
Phantom Menace
   United States
___ Metallic Valentines 32pk
 Paper Magic Group
___ Foil Valentines (28 pk, trivia) Regular UPC Box
___ Foil Valentines (28 pk, trivia) Target Box
___ Valentines (32 fold & seal, trivia) Regular UPC box
___ Valentines (32 fold & seal, trivia) Target Box
Attack of the Clones
   United States
___ Valentines 32 Pack & 48 Fun Stickers
 Paper Magic Group
___ Foil Valentines, Anakin Box, Back--"10 Different Designs", 30 fold & seal, "K-Mart" & price on litho
___ Foil Valentines, Anakin Box, Back--"6 Different Designs", 30 fold & seal, Target UPC
___ Foil Valentines, Anakin Box, Back----"10 Different Designs", 30 fold & seal
___ Foil Valentines, Yoda Box, Wal-Mart Exclusive, 30 fold & seal
___ Valentines (32 fold & seal) Regular UPC
___ Valentines (32 fold & seal) Target UPC
Revenge of the Sith
   United States
 Paper Magic Group
___ 32 Valentines With Tattoos
___ Flashy Foil Valentines 32 Pack (8 Designs, Wal-Mart Box)
___ Flashy Foil Valentines 34 Pack (10 Designs, K-Mart Box)

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