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A New Hope
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 Drawing Board
___ C-3PO With Costume Mask & Bats Art (Trick Of Treat Earthling!) Halloween Card
___ Chewbacca Art (Do Not Fear...Your Wookiee Friend Is Here) Halloween Card
___ Darth Vader & Bats Art (This Is My Kind Of Holiday!) Halloween Card
___ Dogfight (For An Earthling Boy) Halloween Card
___ Luke Firing (For An Out-Of-This-World Son) Halloween Card
___ Luke/Han/Chewbacca With Medals art (From The Alliance...Happy Halloween) Halloween Card
___ Millennium Falcon In Space (For An Earthling Girl) Halloween Card
___ Obi-Wan & Bats Art (Happy Halloween...And MTFBWY) Halloween Card
___ Princess Leia (For An Out-Of-This-World Daughter) Halloween Card

Checklist by Duncan Jenkins, Gus Lopez, and the Star Wars collecting community
Software by Chris Nichols

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