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Empire Strikes Back
 General Biscuits Italia
___ ESB Cookies Wrapper
Return of the Jedi
 Vasilios Dagiacos
___ Chocolate Wafers Wrapper
   United Kingdom
___ Biscuits (Cookies) Wrapper (Han Solo/Jabba the Hutt Line Art)
___ Biscuits (Cookies) Wrapper (Luke/Darth Vader Colorful Art)
___ Biscuits (Cookies) Wrapper (Luke/Darth Vader Line Art)
   United States
 Pepperidge Farm
___ Imperial Forces Cookie Box (No Tumbler Offer)
___ Imperial Forces Cookie Box (Tumbler Offer)
___ Rebel Alliance I Cookie Box (No Tumbler Offer)
___ Rebel Alliance I Cookie Box (Tumbler Offer)
___ Rebel Alliance II Cookie Box (No Tumbler Offer)
___ Rebel Alliance II Cookie Box (Tumbler Offer)
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
   United Kingdom
___ C-3PO Cookie Wrapper
___ Cookie Tin
___ Darth Vader Cookie Wrapper
___ Luke Skywalker Cookie Wrapper
___ Princess Leia Cookie Wrapper
___ R2-D2 Cookie Wrapper
Star Wars Special Editions
 Biscuiterie Nantaise
___ Choc'Land Cookie Box
___ Le BN Cookies Wrapper (Parfum Chocolat au Lait)
___ Le BN Cookies Wrapper (Parfum Chocolat Noisette)
___ Le BN Cookies Wrapper (Parfum Chocolat)
___ Le BN Cookies Wrapper (Parfum Vanille)
___ Le BN Cookies Wrapper (Pulpe & Parfum Fraise)
___ Mini-BN Cookie Box
___ Arcoiris Cookie Box
___ Barras de Coco Box
___ Choclate Emperador Box
___ Choco Choco Wrapper
___ Chocolate Cremigos Wrapper
___ Chocolate Emperador Box
___ Chocolatines Box
___ Chokis Cookie Box
___ Chokis Wrapper
___ Combinado 12pk Box
___ Combinado 9pk Box
___ Combinado Wrapper
___ Delicias Box
___ Emperador Cookie Box
___ Flippy Wrapper
___ Flor de Naranja Cookie Box
___ Flups Chochitos Box
___ Flups Coco Box
___ Fresa Cremigos Wrapper
___ Frutana Pina Cookie Box
___ Frutana Strawberry Cookie Box
___ Frutana Wrapper, R2-D2, Pina, 50g
___ Frutana Wrapper, Vader, Fresa, 50g
___ Frutana Wrapper, Wicket, Tropimora, 50g
___ Galletas Canela Roscas Wrapper
___ Galletas Naranja Roscas Wrapper
___ Grageitas Crackets Box
___ Habaneras Cracker Box
___ Hawaianas Box
___ Limon Piruetas Wrapper
___ Mamut Wrapper (Eight Differences In Mammoths)
___ Mamut Wrapper (Mammoth On Skates, Kid On Skateboard)
___ Mamut Wrapper (Mammoth With Cookie In Trunk, Kid Leaping)
___ Maravillas Vanilla Box
___ Nuez Emperador Box
___ Paketines Wrapper, C-3PO, Emperador Nuez, 75g
___ Paketines Wrapper, Chewbacca, Emperador Vanilla, 75g
___ Paketines Wrapper, Darth Vader, Emperador Chocolate, 75g
___ Paketines Wrapper, Luke, D'Oro Chocolate, 69g
___ Paketines Wrapper, Luke, Merengue, 55g
___ Paketines Wrapper, R2-D2, Arcoiris, 55g
___ Piruetas Limon Box
___ Ricanelas Cookie Box
___ Rolings Box
___ Roscas Box
___ Sabrosas Crackets 12pk Box
___ Sabrosas Crackets 6pk Box
___ Saladitas 45pk Box
___ Saladitas 9pk Box
___ Strawberry Piruetas Wrapper
___ Vanilla Cremigos Wrapper
Phantom Menace
___ Amidala Choco Cookies Pack
___ Anakin Choco Cookies Pack
___ Darth Maul Choco Cookies Pack
___ Qui-Gon Choco Cookies Pack
___ Anakin Pod Helmet Cookie Bag
___ Darth Maul On Speeder Cookie Bag
___ Jedi vs Sith Cookie Bag
___ Obi-Wan (Darth Maul Face Background) Cookie Bag
___ R2-D2 & C-3PO Cookie Bag
___ Trade Federation Battleship Cookie Bag
___ Chokis Wrapper, 63g, Anakin, "Film frame inside"
___ Chokis Wrapper, 63g, Jar Jar, "Film frame inside"
___ Chokis Wrapper, 63g, Padme, "Film frame inside"
___ Flups Wrapper, 29g, Amidala, "Film frame inside"
___ Flups Wrapper, 29g, Darth Maul, "Film frame inside"
___ Flups Wrapper, 29g, Obi-Wan, "Film frame inside"
   United Kingdom
___ Episode 1 Biscuits (Cookies) 8pk Bag
___ Episode 1 Biscuits (Cookies) Bag
___ Episode 1 Biscuits (Cookies) Box
Attack of the Clones
___ Doo Wap Brioches Rondes 6pk Bag (Chocolat au Lait)
___ Doo Wap Brioches Rondes 6pk Bag (Chocolate Chip)
___ Doo Wap Foure 6pk Bag
 Star Foods
___ Wafel Klasyczny Package
Revenge of the Sith
 Biscuiterie Nantaise
___ Biscuits, Choco Max (Darth Vader)
___ Biscuits, Chocolat (Yoda) - 220 g.
___ Biscuits, Chocolat (Yoda, yellow wrapper)
   United Kingdom
 Bon Bon Buddies
___ Double Chocolate Chip Cookies in Vader Tin
   United States
___ Keebler Chocolate Lovers Chips Deluxe Cookie Package
___ Keebler E.L. Fudge Original Cookie Package
___ Keebler E.L. Fudge Original Double Stuff Cookie Package
___ Keebler Fudge Shoppe Deluxe Grahams Cookie Package
___ Keebler Fudge Shoppe Fudge Lovers Fudge Sticks Cookie Package
___ Keebler Fudge Shoppe Fudge Sticks Cookie Package
___ Keebler Fudge Shoppe Fudge Stripes Cookie Package
___ Keebler Fudge Shoppe Grasshoppers Cookie Package
___ Keebler Fudge Shoppe Lava Stripes Cookie Package
___ Keebler Grahams Cinnamon Crisp Box
___ Keebler Original Chips Deluxe Cookie Package
___ Keebler Rainbow Chips Deluxe Cookie Package
___ Rice Krispies Treats Original 8-Pack

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