/ Pop Up
A New Hope
 Norma Editorial
___ SW Pop-Up Book
___ French Star Wars Pop-Up Book
___ La Guerre Des Etoiles Pop-Up Book
 Random House
___ Star Wars Pop-Up Book
 Sperling & Kupfer Editori
___ Guerre Stellari Pop-Up Book
___ SW Pop-Up Book
   United Kingdom
___ SW Pop-Up Book
   United States
 Random House
___ SW Pop-Up Book
Empire Strikes Back
   United States
 Random House
___ ESB Panorama Book
___ ESB Pop-Up Book
Return of the Jedi
___ Los Ewoks Salvan La Situacion (Ewoks Save The Day) Pop-Up Book
   United States
 Random House
___ Han Solo's Rescue Hardback
___ Han Solo's Rescue Softcover
___ ROTJ Pop-Up Book
Wicket the Ewok
   United States
 Random House
___ Ewoks Save the Day Hardback
___ Ewoks Save the Day Softcover
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
 Editora Manole
___ A Alianca Rebelde (Rebel Pop-Up Book)
___ A Estrela da Morte (Death Star Pop-Up Book)
___ O Imperio Galactico (Imperial Pop-Up Book)
   United States
 Dark Horse Comics
___ Battle of the Bounty Hunters
 Fun Works
___ Heroes in Hiding
___ SW Shimmer Book
 Golden Books
___ A Droids Tale
 Little, Brown Books
___ Cantina Pop-Up Book
___ Death Star Pop-Up Book
___ Galactic Empire Pop-Up Book
___ Jabba's Palace Pop-Up Book
___ Millennium Falcon Pop-Up Book
___ Rebel Alliance Pop-Up Book
 Publications Intl.
___ Play-A-Sound SW: A New Hope
 Random House
___ Classic SW: ANH Flap Book
 Running Press
___ TIE Fighter: A Pocket Manuel
___ X-Wing: A Pocket Manuel
Phantom Menace
___ Episode 1 Play-a-Sound
   United States
 Publications Intl.
___ Episode 1 Play-A-Sound
___ R2-D2 Electronic book
 Random House
___ Anakin Shape Book
___ Episode 1 Great Big Flap Book
___ Jar Jar Shape Book
Revenge of the Sith
   United States
 Publications Intl.
___ ROTS Interactive Sound Book & Game
Star Wars Saga (2008-Present)
   United States
 Workman Publishing
___ Star Wars Scanimation Book

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