/ Sleeping Bags
A New Hope
   United States
___ 'Jedi Knights' Design Sleeping Bag
___ Darth Vader Over Heroes & Dogfight Sleeping Bag
___ Sleeping Bag, Gold w/white logo, Vade w/Leia, Ben & Luke w/remote, Han & Chewie at controls, Ships & DS trench
Empire Strikes Back
   United States
___ ESB "Lord Vaders Chamber" Sleeping Bag
___ ESB "Spectre" Sleeping Bag
___ ESB "Star Wars Empire"Sleeping Bag
___ ESB "Yoda" Sleeping Bag
Return of the Jedi
   United States
___ ROTJ montage (Jabba) Sleeping Bag
___ ROTJ Sleeping Bag (All 3 Logos)
___ Sleeping Bag, Vader in Center, Duel, AT-ST, Ewoks, etc, Blue background
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
   United States
 ERO Industries
___ Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader Sleeping Bag
Phantom Menace
   United States
 ERO Industries
___ Anakin Podrace Sleeping Bag
___ Space Battle Sleeping Bag
Revenge of the Sith
   United States
 Idea Nuova
___ Darth Vader Slumber Sack With Diecut Helmet In Flames Backpack
 Monkey Business
___ Sleeping Bag--Anakin/Obi-Wan Duel
___ Sleeping Bag--Darth Vader (Side View) With Lightsaber, Lava
 Rose Art
___ Darth Vader Helmet Over Duel Sleeping Bag

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