Hasbro POTF2 Unproduced Carbon Freeze Chamber Playset: This has to be considered one of the most significant of all unreleased Star Wars toys. Although prototypes of the set were shown at Toy Fair '98, Hasbro, for some reason, decided to cancel production on it and it still has not seen release. Its a shame, too, since this would have been a pretty nifty playset. Above you see a shot of the top of the piece. As you can see, its fairly large (it probably would have been the most complex playset created for the Classic Hasbro line), and there is a ton of authentic detail. Of course, the colors you see here don't correspond at all to those that would have been used had it been produced. The pinks and greens of this prototype make it look like something out of the Strawberry Shortcake line.

Here you see the carbon chamber that was planned to come with the set. It features a novel latex covering, which, when a figure is clamped inside the chamber, stretches over the surface and makes it appear as though its "frozen" inside.

But alas, the set was never made. When you consider all the money that Hasbro must have dumped into making this thing (its a full production item, made from injection-molded plastic parts), you have to wonder why they haven't issued it in some form or other. Maybe it'll appear in the future as a store exclusive or something...

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Nick Stathis
From the collection of Anonymous