Han Solo Hoth Outfit Unproduced Prototype Doll and Box: This doll was featured in some Kenner file photography and was actually shown at Toy Fair before Kenner decided to cancel the large figure line in 1980. Boxes were designed for these then upcoming large figures, although the prototype boxes are about as rare as the dolls themselves.

This toy got as far as the initial prototype stage with hand-made outfits and mold injected plastic parts. The goggles used by this Han Hoth doll are the same mold as a pair that was bundled with a Six Million Dollar Man outfit (although the color of the plastic, the elastic, and paint were altered for the Han Hoth version). The parka, scarf, pants, and gloves are hand-sewn by a Kenner costume designer. The boots were made specifically for this unproduced doll line and were cast in mold-injected plastic. The gun is identical to the one that came with Han original as is the belt, although the belt is injected in brown plastic instead of black plastic as with Han original.

It is believed that up to 3 of each of the unproduced dolls were made as product samples, according to sources within Kenner. For instance, three Luke Bespin doll prototypes are known exist today as are two different Leia Bespin doll prototypes, however, so far, this is the only known existing prototype for Han Hoth.

The Han Hoth box itself is quite impressive. About 3-5 of these box flats are known to exist today, and this box is a clear indication that this toy was rather far along in the production process before it got cancelled.

Description: Gus Lopez
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of Gus Lopez