Unproduced Gyroscopic Lightsaber: Until recent, this piece was unknown in the collecting community. As far as anyone can tell, it's a one of a kind piece that originated from a Kenner sales rep. This toy was shown at Toy Fair but was never offered in production.

As the photo illustrates, the gyro lightsaber (top) is slightly longer in both the blade and the handle than the production lightsaber (bottom). The gyro lightsaber takes batteries and gives a sense of weight (due to the gyration) and sound.

This photo shows the different tips of the sabers. The gyro lightsaber (top) has holes in the tip that are not present on the production saber. Perhaps these holes were placed there to give a different sound when holding the saber.

The handles of the sabers are remarkably different. The ESB sticker on the handles have slightly different layouts. The gyro lightsaber (top) has a red button to turn the saber on and lacks the holes that are visible in the production saber. The donut on the gyro lightsaber is where the gyroscope is contained and it is molded as one piece with the rest of the saber handle (i.e. it's not a separate piece that's added on). The gyro saber is not hollow in the bottom like the production saber.

Description: Gus Lopez
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of Gus Lopez