R2-D2 Toy Toter: The American Toy and Furniture company held the license to produce furniture items bearing the Return of the Jedi logo. By far, the most famous item produced by them was this R2-D2 toy box, in part because it has a connection to the ultra-popular toy collector's market. The dome lifts off of this thing to reveal an interior storage compartment, and it has wheels on which it may be easily rolled about.

Most of American Toy and Furniture's products were sold through catalogs. The large items were shipped unassembled, in boxes sporting rather mundane line-art graphics, as you can see above.

The most sought-after version of the toy toter, however, came in a box featuring a photographic overlay on its exterior. These versions were probably sold in stores, where point-of-sale attractiveness was important in making products appealing to shoppers.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Erik Janniche and Ron Salvatore
From the collection of Erik Janniche and Ron Salvatore