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This new LIGHTSABER is a handy new weapon that will be seen again and again in the new DROID cartoon series. A clip allows the LIGHTSABER to attach to a kid's belt. But there's more to this LIGHTSABER than meets the eye! Because with just the push of a button, the blade automatically extends and glows--just like the real LIGHTSABERS! Although the blade is harmless, it looks menacing enough to ward off any galactic gangster. Requires 2 "AA" batteries not included. Ages 4 and up.

Source: 1985 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog

Well, they say that size doesn't matter. If that's true, then the Droids Lightsaber was just dandy; because, you see, the thing was about one quarter of the size it was supposed to be. It really didn't look like a lightsaber at all; it looked more like a popsicle or some kind of weird European lollipop. The one cool thing about the toy (and one that differentiated it from all other vintage lightsaber toys) was that it really did seem to materialize magicially from out of the end of the hilt. Well, it really sprung quickly out from inside of the hilt, but you get the idea. It also lit up, which was cool. But, in my opinion, all of these cool aspects of the Droids saber were never enough to rescue it from being a flat-out dopey toy. You're supposed to duel with lightsabers, not pick locks with them.

However, despite its goofiness, the Droids Lightsaber came in a really cool box. This combined with its relative rarity have kept it popular with collectors, and nice examples can therefore sell for a decent amount of money. Although its hilt was modeled after the one seen on Luke's saber in Return of the Jedi, the Droids saber came in two different colors: red and green. The red is substantially harder to find than the green.

First Issued: 1985 (Droids packaging, red or green)
Re-issues: None

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