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REBEL ARMORED SNOWSPEEDER Vehicle. As seen speeding to the rescue across the ice planet HOTH. SNOWSPEEDER cockpit opens and holds two die cast figures back-to-back. One steers while one mans the movable harpoon gun. It breaks apart when you push a button and will crash upon impact. Cords will make gun and body parts easy to reassemble. Includes two unique die cast figures. Ages 4 and up.
Pat. No. D267,025

Source: 1983 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog

Along with the Micro version of the Millennium Falcon, the Snowspeeder was the rarest of all Star Wars Micro toys. This is because it was only available for a brief time during the Christmas season of 1982 (as a JC Penney exclusive) before the entire Micro line was cancelled for good.

As a toy it wasn't much more interesting than the its Micro vehicle counterparts, the X-Wing and TIE fighters. However, it did have two figures instead of just one, which was neat, even if the they did look almost exactly alike. (Predictably, both were depicted wearing orange flight suits.) The break-apart feature was similar to those built into the X-Wing and TIE.

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First Issued: late 1982
Re-issues: None

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