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Three playsets in one-- BESPIN Control Room, BESPIN Gantry, and BESPIN Freeze Chamber, all loaded with action features and come with 16 die cast figures in action poses. All three BESPIN Action Playsets can connect lots of ways to create one dynamic play environment-- or set them up separately! Ages 4 and up.

Image Source: 1982 Alden's Christmas Catalog
Description Source: 1983 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog

Bespin World combined the three Micro Bespin playsets (Bespin Freeze Chamber, Bespin Gantry and Bespin Control Room) in one large box. Consequently, it came with all the figures included with those sets, 16 in all.

Personally, I thought the large Freeze Chamber component was pretty cool. Not only was it accurately detailed, it came with a bevy of unique figures, including Lobot, Han Solo in carbonite, Lando Calrissian with a cape, and Boba Fett. The Gantry and Control Room, on the other hand, were lame by comparison. Each contained only 4 figures of either Luke or Vader and consisted of little more than a thin plastic catwalk.

An additional Bespin set was planned for release in 1983. Entitled the Bespin Torture Chamber, it was fully developed but never officially issued. Only a few prototypes are known to be in existence.

To see the figures that came with this ensemble set, click here.

First Issued: late 1982
Re-issues: None

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