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HAN SOLO gets frozen! A special platform lowers a figure into the chamber-- then turn the action lever and raise a totally different "frozen" figure out with the lifting claw! BESPIN Freeze Chamber also has a movable ramp and stairs, an elevator, plus a secret escape hatch to help your figures escape freezing. The Freeze Chamber comes with 8 die cast figures set in action poses. BESPIN Freeze Chamber also connects to other BESPIN Playsets! Available Summer 1982. Ages 4 and up.

Source: 1982 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog

One of the larger toys in the Micro line, the Bespin Freeze Chamber served as the centerpiece of the Bespin Micro environment. The "freezing" action was a pretty neat feature, and the figures included with the set were fairly interesting-- not only were two Han Solo figures present (one in shackles, the other frozen in carbonite), there was a Lobot and, best of all, the line's lone Boba Fett!!!

Still, my favorite thing about the playset is the stairway, seen on the left of the box image, that leads to...well, nowhere. A strange detail to say the least.

To see the figures that came with this playset, click here.

First Issued: 1982
Re-issues: None

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