SWCA Checklist: Micro Collection Toys

For use with the Star Wars Collectors Archive guide to U.S. Kenner toys (http://www.toysrgus.com/images-toys/). Print this checklist for use as a collecting reference.

Hoth World
__ Hoth Wampa Cave
__ Hoth Ion Cannon
__ Hoth Generator Attack
__ Hoth Turret Defense
__ Hoth World
__ "Build Your Armies" Mail-Away Figure Set

Bespin World
__ Bespin Freeze Chamber
__ Bespin Gantry
__ Bespin Control Room
__ Bespin World

Death Star World
__ Death Star Escape
__ Death Star Compactor
__ Death Star World

__ X-Wing Fighter
__ TIE Fighter
__ Millennium Falcon (Sears Exclusive)
__ Snowspeeder (JC Penney Exclusive)

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