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With their Star Wars line of action figure toys, Kenner changed the way in which action figures are made and marketed once and for all. For one thing, the figures were small in scale, averaging out at a mere 3.75 inches in height. Not only did this mean that they were inexpensive enough for kids to "collect them all," it allowed Kenner to build a line of accessories around them that was simply tremendous in its scope. With the figures being so small, a whole range of scaled vehicles and play environments could made to accompany them, something that had always been problematic with larger format toys, such as the 12 inch G.I. Joe.

Beginning in late 1977 with the Early Bird Certificate Package and ending with the Power of the Force, Droids and Ewoks product lines of 1985, Kenner's association with Star Wars action figures spanned a full 8 years. Well over 100 figures were released individually. And, of course, the toys were there to accompany them-- everything from large-scale vehicles and playsets to smaller accessories, fabulous creatures and a whole host of storage cases.

For kids who were into Star Wars (and most were), it was a great time-- Kenner had allowed them to recreate virtually every scene from their favorite movies. Moreover, there was always something new for them to get for the holidays, or for birthday parties, or simply on those occasions when their mothers took them to the local department store and caved in to the constant pleading for a new mini-rig, vehicle or playset-- that toy without which that next adventure could not be staged. One of Kenner's slogans was "Kenner is Fun." A lot of people who grew up as parts of the "Star Wars Generation" will confirm it was the truth.

This gallery is dedicated to the many toys that were meant for use with Kenner's action figures. For the most part, only toys that were regularly available at retail in the United States are included. Those seeking information on Kenner mail-away premiums such as the Display Arena and Early Bird figure set should see our Special Feature dedicated to such items. Likewise, those interested in items issued outside of the States should pay a visit to our extensive gallery of foreign toys.

The below index is broken up into categories, each of which encompasses a different type of toy-- vehicles, playsets, creatures, carrying cases, etc. The red-colored dates located to the right of the toy titles refer to the years in which the items were first released. They are in some cases estimated. An item listed as being released in 1981, for instance, may have in fact been released in very late 1980. But they're more-or-less accurate. As for the individual entries, we've tried to pack as much information and imagery into each as possible. But, as you will notice, we are currently lacking photos of several toys and variations. There are also surely some inaccuracies. If you can augment this guide in any way, please don't hesitate to drop us a line and let us know.

Thanks are owed to James Boryla, Todd Chamberlain, James Gallo, Chris Georgoulias, Derek Litton, Andy Loney, Mike Mensinger and Ross Nitkin for their help in assembling this collection of images. Extra special thanks are owed to David Saleba, whose assistance in compiling images and information on variations was invaluable

oX-Wing Fighter (1978)
oTIE Fighter (1978)
oLand Speeder (1978)
oSonic-Controlled Land Speeder (1978)
oMillennium Falcon (1979)
oDarth Vader TIE Fighter (1979)
oRadio-Controlled Sandcrawler (1979)
oImperial Troop Transporter (1979)
oRebel Armored Snowspeeder (1980)
oTwin-Pod Cloud Car (1980)
oAT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) (1981)
oSlave 1 (1981)
oImperial Cruiser (1981)
o"Battle-Damaged" X-Wing Fighter (1982)
oScout Walker (1982)
oRebel Transport (1982)
o"Battle-Damaged" TIE Fighter (1983)
oY-Wing Fighter (1983)
oSpeeder Bike (1983)
oTIE Interceptor (1984)
oB-Wing Fighter (1984)
oImperial Shuttle (1984)
oTatooine Skiff (1985)
oEwok Battle Wagon (1985)
oA-Wing Fighter (1985)
oSide Gunner Vehicle (1985)
oATL-Interceptor Vehicle (1985)

oDeath Star Space Station (1978)
oCantina Adventure Set (1978)
oLand of the Jawas Action Playset (1979)
oCreature Cantina Action Playset (1979)
oDroid Factory (1979)
oHoth Ice Planet Adventure Set (1980)
oDarth Vader's Star Destroyer (1980)
oCloud City Playset (1980)
oTurret & Probot Playset (1981)
oImperial Attack Base Playset (1981)
oDagobah Action Playset (1981)
oRebel Command Center Adventure Set (1981)
oEwok Village Action Playset (1983)
oThe Jabba the Hutt Dungeon Action Playset (ROTJ figures) (1983)
oThe Jabba the Hutt Dungeon Action Playset (POTF figures) (1984)

oPatrol Dewback (1979)
oTaunTaun (1980)
oHoth Wampa (1982)
oTaunTaun (with open belly rescue feature) (1982)
oJabba the Hutt Action Playset (1983)
oRancor Monster (1984)
oSy Snootles and the Rebo Band (1984)

oMTV-7 (Multi-Terrain Vehicle) Mini-Rig (1981)
oPDT-8 (Personnel Deployment Transport) Mini-Rig (1981)
oMLC-3 (Mobile Laser Cannon) Mini-Rig (1981)
oCAP-2 (Captivator) Mini-Rig (1982)
oINT-4 (Interceptor) Mini-Rig (1982)
oISP-6 (Imperial Shuttle Pod) Mini-Rig (1983)
oAST-5 (Armored Sentinel Transport) Mini-Rig (1983)
oDesert Sail Skiff Mini-Rig (1984)
oEndor Forest Ranger Mini-Rig (1984)

Accessories and Body Rigs
oTri-Pod Laser Cannon (1982)
oVehicle Maintenance Engergizer (1982)
oRadar Laser Cannon (1982)
oEwok Combat Glider (1983)
oEwok Assault Catapult (1983)
oSand Skimmer Vehicle (1985)
oImperial Sniper Vehicle (1985)
oSecurity Scout Vehicle (1985)

Carrying and Storage Accessories
oStar Wars Vinyl Storage Case (1979)
oDarth Vader Collector's Case (1980)
oESB Vinyl Storage Case (1981)
oESB Vinyl Storage Case (1982)
oROTJ Vinyl Storage Case (1983)
oC-3PO Collector's Case (1983)
oChewbacca Bandolier Strap (1983)
oLaser Rifle Carry Case (1984)

oEarly Bird Certificate Package (1977)
oAction Display Stand (Store Box Version) (1979)

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oThe Comprehensive Guide to Kenner Mail-Away Offers (John Wooten & Ron Salvatore)
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