Pizza Hut Display (1 of 4): Over the Christmas-New Year season of 1995/96 Pizza Hut in Australia had a Star Wars promotion where you could get Star Wars cups, figures and even Star Wars pizzas! There were four different cups, each picturing a certain character from the SW trilogy (Darth Vader, C-3P0, Chewbacca and R2-D2), and a brief description of their role. There were also four plastic figures to go with the cups. The Chewie, Vader, and 3P0 figures were based on the Kenner Action Master figures. I don't know what the R2 figure was based on (if it was). For display purposes each figure came with a small cardboard backdrop. The promotion generated a number of in store displays.

The display above is the largest and most impressive of all of them. It hung freely from the ceiling, advertising the fact that you could get free, with a Kids Works Pizza (for children only), a figurine and cup. The piece measures approximately 79cm (31.1") long and 50cm (19.6").

Description: Anthony Woolley
Photo: Anthony Woolley
From the collection of Anthony Woolley