The Star Wars Special Edition Theater Standee: "Wow!" and "Whoa, that's huge!" are what most people say when they first see this incredible display. This is the first theater standee for the SW-SE, and arrived in lobbies in late November '96. This piece is very impressive, it measures 9'6" wide by 5'4" to the top of Vader's head. The letters "Star Wars" are a clever 3-D display with 14 characters (see close-up) and the Death Star II on and around them. The unit took me over 3 hours to assemble, and weighs around 15 pounds. It's held together with over 40 metal and plastic bolts with wing nuts as well as numerous cardboard tabs. An interesting note; The instructions list each cardboard character by name, except they mistakenly refer to the "Jawa" as "Sand Person", oh well. The beauty and graphic design of this piece is breathtaking, and it works fabulous in a theater lobby setting, however displaying this at home does tend to eat up a good bit of real-estate. The storage box alone is 6' tall and 2.5' wide!

Description: Calvin Roe
Photo: Calvin Roe
From the collection of Calvin Roe