1981 / Dagobah Diorama (1 of 2)

The 1981 Kenner Star Wars showroom seems to have been outfitted with three dioramas: one representing Dagobah, one Hoth and one Bespin. The products offered that year were apparently distributed amongst these three environments. Here you see a shot of the Dagobah section. It's got a painted backdrop, a lot of ground texture, even some suspended foam or cotton to simulate mist. On the wall behind the diorama you can see the boxes for the TIE Fighter, X-Wing Fighter, Dagobah playset and the Millennium Falcon. The first three toys are incorporated into the diorama below, while the Falcon is off to its right. It's worth noting that the TIE Fighter box is an updated version of the Star Wars package, while the X-Wing is in an entirely new box with a Dagobah-themed photo.

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1981 Dagobah Diorama