1981 / Figures sfrom Bespin Diorama

Unfortunately, we only have two shots of the Bespin diorama from the 1981 showroom. And they're only detail shots, not ones that show what the entire thing looked like. As you can see, this one depicts a few figures on a platform. The platform has been cleverly extended into the two-dimensional background by means of some illusionistic painting. Any Star Wars fan will recognize this as our heroes' arrival in Cloud City, when they're greeted on the landing platform by Lando Calrissian. It's set up fairly accurately. Notice how the creator of this didn't use the Leia in Bespin Gown figure when setting up this scene. Rather, he chose to use the Leia Hoth figure. The decision makes sense, since Leia wasn't given the gown until after she and Han were set up in their Cloud City quarters. Details such as this prove that the folks at Kenner had a keen eye for detail when recreating the Star Wars universe.

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1981 Figures in Bespin Diorama