1979 / Figure Display, Including Carded RocketFett

This might be the most notable of all the Toy Fair images displayed here. The photo shows a selection of Kenner's Star Wars figures set for release in 1979. The Boba Fett promotion would have been a big part of Kenner's Star Wars presentation that year. And, of course, at that point the figure was still intended to come with a firing rocket. In the center of the display you see a loose RocketFett, probably intended to demonstrate the firing mechanism to buyers. But to the direct right of this figure is the real surprise-- a mock-up of the 21-back carded Boba Fett. The piece features an early version of the fireball present on the production blister card, and has a J-Slot RocketFett sealed under its bubble. This actual figure has been discovered and currently resides in a private collection.

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