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Greedo and TIE Fighter PilotPower of the Force figures were also released in Japan, though few people actually know this. The Japanese releases were basically a carded Return of the Jedi figure with a coin shrinkwrapped onto the right corner of the backer card, beside the character nameplate. It is not known if the coins are also glued to the card or not.

The interesting thing about these releases, aside from the obvious difference in packaging, is that some of these Japanese issues included characters which not only were not available in the U.S. on a POTF card, but are also associated with mailaway coins, which are packaged with the figures. So, basically, at least a few of the Category III-V POTF coins, while thought to be exclusively available via mail or through former Kenner employees, were released carded in Japan. It is not known fully which figures were available on this packaging.

Among those known, and pictured here, are Greedo and TIE Fighter Pilot. Notice that both are carded with their respective mailaway coins, TIE Pilot with his Category III coin and Greedo with his Cat. IV piece.

Also of interest is the variant image on the Trilogo TIE Pilot, but that really has nothing to do with POTF...


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