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Canadian Exclusive Two Pack

Canadian 2 PackThe only Canadian exclusive release was a Sears two pack which included a Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise and Han Solo in Carbonite. The figures are pictured here loose in the Sears Catalog, thus the packaging of the figures themselves is not shown.

Also interesting to note is the presence in the image of two Droids and two Ewoks figures, also representing, apparently, two other exclusive two packs. The POTF two pack is "C", and is described as:

A-C New Star Wars figures. Plastic (?). Each set includes a Star Wars collector coin.

(C)Set of 2 figures; Luke Skywalker in Imperial Stormtrooper outfit; Han Solo in Carbonite Chamber.
492 538 052-Set each................... 9.99

The set most likely came in a white mailer box instead of any sort of special packaging a la the Return of the Jedi two packs, and the coin either randomly inserted or one of Luke Stormtrooper or Han Carbonite.



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