Marco's Stormtrooper Armor: Marco Entertainment was famous for their replica Stormtrooper armor a few years ago, though I heard that they got into a bit of licensing trouble and had to quit production. Shoes were always the hardest part to find for the Stormtrooper outfit. Here, the mannequin is wearing a type of dress shoe that is rumored to be close to what Lucasfilm actually used in the movies. Or maybe they weren't for close-ups. I really don't know for sure. Next to them are actual prop boots I believe. Blasters were always sold separately and here you can see him holding Marco's Binders as well. I believe the R2-D2 pictured is also a replica. Marco also made a shoulder pad to transform this into a Tatooine Stormtrooper as can be seen in this other photo from Steve's collection.

Description: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Josh Ling
From the collection of Steve Sansweet