Luke's ROTJ Lightsaber: These are some of the aluminum Jedi sabre replicas that I made for myself and a few friends in fall of 1995. I lathed and milled them out of 1 piece of aluminum and attached a milled aluminum box with a connector card (the ones that were used with the ESB-style Graflexes) and several other features. I made a blueprint, using the photo on page 25 of the Lucasfilm Archives book. The sabres are 290 mm in length. I slightly altered some measurements for a "second run". I have only one left for myself. The others were given away to friends for just the cost of the raw material.I received alot of mail since I posted those photos. People keep on asking for them, but I am sorry that I no longer make them. I don't have access to that workshop anymore. I am sure every craftsman can easily make one within half a day. I had never used a lathe before and averaged 2 sabres a day.

Description: Holger Bertsch
Photo: Holger Bertsch
Artwork: Holger Bertsch
From the collection of Holger Bertsch