Ten Prototype C-3P0 Storage Cases: All ten of these cases are prototypes differing from the production ROTJ C-3P0 storage case. From left to right: C-3P0 White Mold Test Case, a loose Droids C-3P0 Case, 1996 C-3P0 Talking Electronic Case Toy Fair prototype, C-3P0 Clear Mold Test Case, the legendary Gold Vader Case, a MIB Droids C-3P0 Case, a 1996 C-3P0 Case Mold Test, a Silver C-3P0 Case, C-3P0 Dull Gold Color Test Case (with unsculpted eyes), and C-3P0 Packaging Test Case (with prototype packaging and unsculpted eyes). The gold Vader case is here because it was used to test the metallization process for all the 3P0 cases.

There is also a prototype case not pictured here that is an alternate C-3P0 Clear Mold Test Case with subtle differences from the one pictured above, a Hardcopy C-3P0 Case used for Kenner catalog photography, and an unboxed version of the Early C-3P0 Case Sample that was gold-metallized like the production case. Also, check out the C-3P0 Storage Case Box Flat. This set of cases contains all the known varieties of C-3P0 case prototypes. All of the cases and packaging were acquired from different sources leading back to Kenner.

Description: Gus Lopez
Photo: Justin Greenfield and Leonardo da Vinci
From the collection of Gus Lopez