Original Movie Props and Special Effects Models
Maintained by Gus Lopez (gus@theswca.com)

Original props and special effects models used in the Star Wars movies are considered by many to be the ultimate Star Wars collectibles. Lucasfilm keeps tight tabs on its props and the popularity of the Star Wars movies makes finding these props challenging for private collectors. Occasionally, some get auctioned off, but these are not the kinds of things you'll find for sale from many from Star Wars dealers.

o Darth Vader Costume (Steve Sansweet)
o Darth Vader Costume (Amy White)
o Han Solo's Bespin Jacket (Stephen Lane)
o Luke Skywalker's Ceremonial Jacket (Greg Hanson)
o Slave Leia Costume (Gus Lopez)
o Hoth Rebel Vest (Gus Lopez)
o Luke Skywalker's Belt (Gus Lopez)
o Tarkin's Trowsers (Gus Lopez)
o Tatooine Robe (Gus Lopez)
o Naboo Guard Jacket (Gus Lopez)
o Yavin Ceremony Rebel Uniform (Gus Lopez)
o Paploo (Kenny Baker) Ewok Body Suit (Gus Lopez)
o Hoth Stormtrooper Cod Piece (Gus Lopez)
o Bespin Security Guard Costume (Gus Lopez)
o Tusken Raider Glove (Gus Lopez)
o Emperor's Contact Lenses (Gus Lopez)
o Ewok Shorts (Gus Lopez)
o Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) Belt (Gus Lopez)
o Wampa Fur (Gus Lopez)
o Kabe's Hand (Gus Lopez)
o Greedo's (Rodian) Hand (Gus Lopez)
o Josh Ling Rebel Hero (Josh Ling)
o Josh Ling Rebel Hero (Cut Scene from Return of the Jedi) (Josh Ling)

 Masks, Helmets, and Accessories
o Boba Fett's Backpack (Steve Sansweet)
o C-3P0 Hands and Mask, Biker Scout Helmet (Steve Sansweet)
o Stormtrooper Helmet (Greg Hanson)
o Ewok Mask (Large) (Gus Lopez)
o Ewok Mask (Small) (Gus Lopez)
o Ewok Mask (Actor-Owned) (Gus Lopez)
o Hoth Rebel Cap (Gus Lopez)
o Darth Vader Helmet (Gus Lopez)
o Cantina Band Mask (Gus Lopez)
o Tusken Raider Bandolier (Gus Lopez)
o Chewbacca Skin, Biscuit, Teeth, and Hair Samples (Gus Lopez)
o Admiral Ackbar Prototype Mask (Gus Lopez)
o Tusken Raider Mask (Gus Lopez)
o Yam Nose Mask (Gus Lopez)
o Ewok Mask and Costume Unused and Prototype Pieces (Gus Lopez)
o C-3PO Eyes and Greeblies (Gus Lopez)
o R2-D2 Eye and Claw Pieces (Gus Lopez)
o Jabba Eyelids (Gus Lopez)
o Jabba Bladders (Gus Lopez)
o C-3P0 Hand (Greg Hanson)
o C-3PO Hand (Untrimmed) (Tim Ketzer)
o Zuckuss Head Prop (Anonymous)
o X-Wing Pilot, Tusken Raider, and Darth Vader Helmets (Josh Ling)
o Josh Ling Jedi Knight (Josh Ling)
o Tusken Raider Bandolier (Jeff Carney)

 Special Effects Models
o The Death Star (Todd Franklin, Tim Williams, Pat Franklin, Gus Lopez)
o X-Wing Fighter ILM Model (Amy White)
o X-Wing Fighter ILM Model (w/ Effects Damage) (Lisa Stevens and Vic Wertz)
o Death Star Gun Turret ILM Model (Lisa Stevens and Vic Wertz)
o Snowspeeder ILM Model (Steve Sansweet)
o Speeder Bike ILM Model (Steve Sansweet)
o AT-AT ILM Model (Steve Sansweet)
o Slug Teeth Special Effects Miniatures (Gus Lopez)
o Han Hoth Jacket Miniature (Gus Lopez)
o Leia Poncho Special Effects Miniature (Gus Lopez)
o AT-AT Model (Gus Lopez)
o Luke Endor Animatics Action Figure (Gus Lopez)
o Fly Creature Model (Gus Lopez)
o Return of the Jedi Death Star Prop (Gus Lopez)
o Small Section of Death Star Surface (Gus Lopez)
o Death Star Section Fan Club Award (Todd Chamberlain)
o Death Star Pieces (Anonymous)
o Death Star Surface Pieces (Andrew McGinley)
o X-Wing Engine Prop (Gus Lopez)
o Death Star Surface Piece w/ Effects Damage (Brennan Swain)
o Deathstar Surface (Tim Ketzer)
o ESB Asteroid Prop (Brennan Swain)
o Droideka Leg Prop (Anonymous)
o Kashyyyk Building Strut (Jordan Hembrough)

 Props and Set Dressing
o Stormtrooper Blaster (Gus Lopez)
o Baby Ewok (Stephen Lane)
o Snowspeeder Cannon (Gus Lopez)
o Rebel Grenade Prop (Gus Lopez)
o Biker Scout Pistol (Gus Lopez)
o Endor Rebel Blaster (Gus Lopez)
o Bespin Wall Decoration (Gus Lopez)
o Jabba's Tail (Gus Lopez)
o Ewoks Movie Matte Painting (Gus Lopez)
o Yoda Rehearsal Puppet (Gus Lopez)
o Cloud City Blaster (Gus Lopez)
o Tusken Raider Rifle (Gus Lopez)
o A New Hope Rebel Blaster (Gus Lopez)
o Imperial Officer Blaster (Gus Lopez)
o Gargoyle from Jabba's Throne (Gus Lopez)
o Gyrda Keypad (Anonymous)
o Rebel Blaster Silicone Mold (Gus Lopez)
o Hoth Rebel Blaster Prop (Gus Lopez)
o Ewok Bow, Quiver, and Arrows (Gus Lopez)
o Ewok Spear (Gus Lopez)
o Ewok Rock (Gus Lopez)
o Yoda Parts (Gus Lopez)
o Endor Bunker (Gus Lopez)
o Endor Bunker Entrance Fixture (Gus Lopez)
o Episode I Darth Maul and Obi Wan Kenobi Lightsabers (Amy White)
o Jawa Sandcrawler Prop Pieces (Gus Lopez)
o Speeder Bike Steering Vane (Tim Ketzer)
o Desert Skiff Wing Tip (Tim Ketzer)
o Episode I Slave Quarter Door Ribbing (Gus Lopez)
o Mos Espa Pod Crate (Gus Lopez)
o Tatooine Thermal Backpack Unit (Gus Lopez)
o Krayt Dragon Bones (Gus Lopez)
o Mos Espa Fruit (Gus Lopez)
o Mos Espa Crate Facade (Gus Lopez)
o Mos Espa Electronic Panel (Gus Lopez)
o Mos Espa Building Wall Prop (Gus Lopez)
o Mos Espa Fruit Stand (Gus Lopez)
o Large Mos Espa Facade Piece (Gus Lopez)
o Small Mos Espa Facade Piece (Gus Lopez)
o Moisture Vaporator Column (Gus Lopez)
o Episode I Moisture Vaporator Piece (Gus Lopez)
o Moisture Vaporator Valve (Gus Lopez)
o Moisture Vaporator (Lionel Noetzlin)
o Mos Espa Communicator (Lionel Noetzlin)
o Mos Espa Door (Lionel Noetzlin)
o Door Interrupter (Lionel Noetzlin)
o Josh Ling Bounty Hunter (Josh Ling)
o Millennium Falcon Holo-Chess Board Prop (Anonymous)
o Rebel Hero Ceremonial Medallion Prop (Anonymous)

 Film Production Pieces
o AT-AT Walker Footprinter (Gus Lopez)
o X-Wing Fighter Mold Master (Gus Lopez)
o Joe Johnston A New Hope Storyboard Sketch with Lucas Notes (X-Wings and TIEs over Death Stars) (Gus Lopez)
o Joe Johnston A New Hope Storyboard Sketch (X-Wings over Death Stars) (Gus Lopez)
o Star Wars Episode I Film Clapper (Gus Lopez)
o Empire Strikes Back Clapperboard (Large) (Gus Lopez)
o Empire Strikes Back Clapperboard (Small) (Gus Lopez)
o Blue Harvest Clapperboard (Gus Lopez)
o Harrison Ford's Chair Back (Gus Lopez)
o George Lucas' Director's Chair Back (Gus Lopez)
o R2-D2 Dome Master (Gus Lopez)
o Hoth Matte Painting (Gus Lopez)
o Episode I Set Design Character Cutouts (Gus Lopez)
o Naboo Fighter Blueprint (Gus Lopez)
o Theed Plaza Brick Pattern Blueprint (Gus Lopez)
o Yak Face Polaroids (Gus Lopez)
o Sy Snootles Polaroids (Gus Lopez)
o Revenge of the Jedi Unit List (Gus Lopez)
o Revenge of the Jedi Telephone List (Gus Lopez)
o Blue Harvest Daily Breakdown (Gus Lopez)
o Star Wars Large Oven Control Instructions (Gus Lopez)

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