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Posters are an extremely popular area of Star Wars collecting. There are literally hundreds of different Star Wars poster, so we have chosen the most sought-after to display here.

oSWCA Poster Gallery (Pete Vilmur)
o Star Wars Mylar Advance Poster (Pete Vilmur)
o Star Wars Theatrical Banner (Bill Duelly)
o Unlicensed Yoda Mardi Gras Poster (Anonymous)
o Star Wars (Happy 1st Birthday) (Pete Vilmur)
o Revenge of the Jedi (With Date) (Pete Vilmur)
o German Star Wars "Style A" (Jeff Rosen)
o Return of the Jedi Yamakatsu R2-D2/C-3PO Poster (Gus Lopez)
oSpecial Edition Return of the Jedi Custom Poster with Lights (Robert Gue)
oSpanish Star Wars Style D Poster (Circus Poster) (Jeff Liebig)
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